SEMW uses a series of shears, breaks, and cutting edge technology to fabricate our HVAC systems. First, we create a take-off of ductwork needed to be fabricated and input that information into our Vulcan program. Then, that same information is sent to our Iowa Precision Coiled Metal processing system which contains different gauges of metals necessary to begin the fabrication process.Next, the metal is sent to our Vulcan Plus plasma cutting machine which uses an electrical arc to cut two dimensional patterns with pin point accuracy and precision. Lastly, each piece of metal is processed and formed, as specified, into a three dimensional piece of ductwork which is then labeled, protected with plastic on every end, and delivered in a timely fashion to a location of the customer’s choice.

List of our top-of-the-line equipment:

  • Pro-Ductomatic metal processing line
  • Roto-Die Hydraulic bender
  • Vulcan Plus Plasma Cutter
  • Roper Whitney Shear
  • Duro-Dyne Beader Machine
  • Duro-Dyne Pin Spotter
  • Roto-Die cleat bender
  • Lockformer Cleat Former
  • 4 foot Tennsmith break
  • 10 foot Tennsmith break
  • Mestek Machinery Cornermatic corner press
  • Duro-Dyne insulation cutting machine